Ever since I saw Cease Fire (Enterprise, Season 2), I have been very interested in Ambassador Soval, so, I have been searching the internet for any information or picture I could get my grubby little hands on about this character.  This page is what I have found... so far.  If anyone has any other pictures, or stories, or anything about this character, please let me know.

So keep checking this page as I'm constantly on the lookout for new pictures and other information/stories about this fascinating character!

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A Family Affair - by ShouldKnowBetter (PG-13) - This is meant as an apology to Soval for all the times I've used him as a baddie. Poor man, there has to be a reason why he doesn't like humans.

A Father's Lament - by vandiver49 (G) - This story takes place on the other end of "Damage"

A Momentary Lapse - by Karolina Phillips & Keith Chism (PG-13) - Soval and Archer argue... again, but this time with a difference.

A Truth Universally Acknowledged - by ShouldKnowBetter (PG-13) - Amanda Cole discovers that Ambassador Soval is an exceptionally unpleasant person - or is he?

Birth of a Federation - by Selek (G) - this is my part of an aborted round-robin explaining why Soval was sent to Earth as its Ambassador.

Ceti Alpha V - by ShouldKnowBetter (R - AU) - Tucker's lost Enterprise, he's lost T'Pol, and now he's being asked to do something stupidly dangerous. Features Soval.  This is a sequel to We'll Always Have Enterprise.

Daybreak - by ShouldKnowBetter (PG-13 - AU) - Tucker has Enterprise and T'Pol back, but it still seems that Humanity doesn't stand a cat-in-hell's chance of survival. Not until the Vulcans decide to get involved, anyway.

Logical Lifemates - by FireStar (NC-17) - A story about Amanda Cole and her bonding to Ambassador Soval.

Negotiating Peace - by Mist123 (G) - What happens when Trip gets stuck piloting Soval around during peace negotiations.

Reflection - by emtb319 (G) - Soval on a mountain.

Soval's Sorrow - by Mist123 (G) - Soval reflects on his relationship with T'Pol.

The Mean Old Vulcan and the MACO - by ShouldKnowBetter (PG-13) - Soval and Cole take a quick trip away from Earth to disrupt Xindi ambitions

The Ties That Bind - by T'Lin (PG-13) - Archer and T'Pol, while on a 'first contact' mission, find themselves at the mercy of a hostile alien race. While Tucker and the rest of the crew try diplomacy to win their release, the Vulcan High Command has other plans. The confrontation between Archer and Soval, who led the rescue mission, becomes personal when T'Pol is injured by 'friendly fire'.

There and Back Again - by ShouldKnowBetter (PG-13) - Trip and T'Pol work to reset the timeline and rid Earth of the aliens and Nazis alike, receiving unexpected aid from the Vulcans. Meanwhile, Reed and the rest of Enterprise's crew discover Archer is still alive.

Twilight Encounters - by T'Lin (PG-13) - 'Missing scenes' from "Twilight" concerning Soval, his wish that T'Pol return to Vulcan with him, and a reunion between them twelve years after their last meeting.

Welcome Home - by myst123 (G) - The Enterprise finally comes home.

We'll Always Have Enterprise - by ShouldKnowBetter (R - AU) - On an Earth devastated by the Xindi, Tucker is living in a state of drunken self-pity, until one day someone walks into his bar - eh, office. Features Soval.  This is a prequel to Ceti Alpha V.


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